Success Stories: Misty


Career Advisor, CONNECT Team

Jewish Family Services

I left the workforce for about three years to become a stay at home mom. When I decided to return, I sought assistance from the Franklin County Department of Job and family Services, who directed me to Jewish Family Services.

From the moment I walked into the doors of Jewish Family Services I felt the vibes of positivity. I felt welcomed; I was comfortable. Considering my passion for helping to empower others, I inquired about employment there and soon landed an intern position. I was determined to work there so when the time came, I applied and interviewed for two positions and landed the Career Advisor job.

The group of people here at Jewish Family Services collectively is a force to be reckoned with. To this day I still feel the same warmth of welcome and positivity that I felt on my first day. The only difference now is that I am officially a part of the family, offering the exact warm welcome and positivity that I felt then, and helping to empower others in the manner that I once was.


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