Success Stories: Glenn


Director of Security


Your resume and cover letter are outstanding. The best I’ve seen.

Who wouldn’t like to hear that from the CEO of a prospective employer? I give full credit to my career counselor at Jewish Family Services who helped make my resume really stand out from the crowd.

How about “You were the only one that sent us a thank you note.” And, “Good job. You were the only one who talked about COTA’s mission statement in your presentation…. another good job.” Well, that kind of stuff doesn’t just happen. It was because I soaked up and applied everything they taught me in the workforce program.

It wasn’t an easy interview process and it lasted several months. However, having gone through the program, I really felt prepared and confident in my ability to land my dream job.

On the advice of the career strategist’s, I had taken a “bridge job” with the Columbus City Schools Department of Transportation. I also found out what an important step that was in acquiring my new position.

Jewish Family Services teaches so many great techniques. They were all applicable and I used every single one of them. The mock interview process, in particular, made an immediate, everlasting impact on me. It was a real “aha!” moment. I learned right then and there exactly what I needed to do.

It all helped me land my dream job as Director of Security for the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA.) My journey here was clearly paved by the techniques I learned from the great folks at Jewish Family Services.”


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