Success Stories: Barb


CEO and President

My Sales Tactics

I was downsized in 2008 at the peak of my national sales management corporate career. Initially I was on a dual path; interviewing for jobs and considering launching my own business. But that can be a frightening leap to take when you are the main income earner for the family. The thought of letting go of a steady paycheck, 4 weeks paid vacation and other comforts caused me to wake up at night asking myself, “Does the entrepreneurial path make sense? Could my business yield enough income to handle our families’ mortgage and more?” These feelings of uncertainty loomed for several months!

My nature is to help others, and yet I found it difficult to ask for help. However, seeking the guidance of the Jewish Family Services career counseling team was undoubtedly the right move. They were knowledgeable about the current job market, helped me to retool my resume, and explore my options. They always had smart, well-informed speakers lined up weekly. It was inspiring.

Our identities are so wrapped up in our work. Participating in Jewish Family Servcies professional job search program and connecting with other professionals who shared a similar experience helped me get back in touch with my confidence and within a matter of weeks; I started feeling like myself again.

My own business started out as my “bridge job” but after 6 months, I knew it was the path to take. I registered “My Sales Tactics” in January of 2009 and haven’t looked back. Since launching my professional skill development company, I have invested in additional training and am now a Registered, Corporate Coach™, and am an ICF Professional Credentialed Coach.

Jewish Family Services reminded me of the importance in staying competitive, and retooling oneself. Now I am able to help others start or grow their businesses thanks to the support I received from the Jewish Family Services.

To demonstrate my appreciation to the value of this program, I continue to return several times a year to speak to participants. My hope is to give back some of the inspiration I have received and to show gratitude for being there when I needed the inspiration most.


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