Services to the Jewish Community

We surround each person with the services they need. In 2018, our person centered, wrap-around service model touched the lives of 5,500 individuals.

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Counseling and Community Support Services

We surround each person with the services they need.

In order to meet the complex needs of the individuals and families who come through our doors, we use a person-centered, wrap-around service model to serve over 5,500 individuals.

Survivors of Nazi Persecution support services provide help to the survivor and their caregiver so they get the most out of life. The services assist individuals with reparations, in-home care, counseling, case management, food, HVAC and social gatherings.

Aging and Caregiver Services are provided by licensed social workers who offer consultation, friendly volunteer visitors, referrals and linkage, counseling and supportive planning for independent living, and service navigation for caregivers.

Bonei Mishpachot is designed to support Jewish individuals and their families coping with some form of crisis to begin to re-build a foundation for self-sufficiency and future success. The person centered, wrap-around service model is designed to help individuals cope with the extreme stress they are confronting while feeling supported and understood.  Short term and long term goals are developed with individuals with one of our licensed social workers to address these concerns. Services and supports will be linked with additional agency resources, along with community resources.

Counseling and Psychotherapy  is provided at Jewish Family Services and we are proud to have a staff that is comprised overwhelmingly of licensed, master’s degreed therapists to provide counseling and case management services.  Our uncompromised standards of professionalism assure strict confidentiality

Therapists offer solution focused support, validation and encouragement. Our therapist will partner with the client to develop specific treatment goals to address the unique needs of each person. Our therapists have an eclectic approach, working within a range of therapeutic models including supportive counseling, cognitive-behavioral therapy and problem-solving therapy.

Services available to an individual is determined based on client’s health insurance benefits.

Leah’s List volunteers offer their professional services to assist individuals and families in crisis and help in rebuilding lives. Our volunteers include those in accounting, moving, sales, dentistry, and plumbing.

Domestic Violence Jewish services seeks to create “peace in the home.” The program promotes healthy relationships by empowering all family members to give themselves and others a safe and respectful environment. We provide counseling, case management, court case advocacy, outreach and linkage, information and referral, and safety planning/emergency services for victims.

Because of your investment in 2017, Jewish Family Services helped:

  • 646 people obtain employment
  • 543 older adults and their caregivers maintained the independence of our community’s seniors
  • 240 families in crisis rebuild their lives
  • 239 Survivors of Nazi Persecution live in dignity
  • 27 young adults take the next step in their careers
  • 287 volunteers engage and give back to the community
  • 2,000 business customers work with us to build a stronger workforce


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