Young Adults

MAX Interpersonal Career Coaching provides the tools to reach self-sufficiency, professional development, fellowship and an overall balanced lifestyle. Participants receive support in strengthening communication skills, emotional awareness and self-regulation, empathy, friendship traits, and character flexibility.

Jewish Family Services supports young professionals in our community focused on job search and career advancement by hosting on and off site events uniquely designed to increase personal insight, self-awareness, and provide an introduction to topics relevant in today’s job market.

Our staff has experience building events and customized workshops tailored to young professionals. Please see examples of our events below:

Happy “to meet you” Hour or H2MYH: Not your usual Happy Hour… rather an opportunity to refine professional skills at industry leading and trendy locations, network with business leaders and peers, gain insight into various industries, and take away valuable tips and insight.

Happy “to assist you” Hour or H2AYH: Conveniently scheduled for you after your work day. Located at Jewish Family Services, the H2AYH provides one-on-one time with a Career Strategist to review your one-minute-me/ elevator pitch, work on resume improvements, practice for an interview, discuss workforce questions, or dissect a job description.

Interested in our services, events, or workshop presentations? Please contact the Access Point at 614.237.9675 or


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