Join us for a time of sharing with Michal Avera Samuel.

Michal was named the Senior Community Shlicha ( Emissary ) at JewishColumbus in 2020. She was born in Gondar, Ethiopia and made aliyah as a young girl with her family in 1984 as part of Operation Moses.

Michal participates on the Government of Israel’s prestigious Round Table Panel on Social Issues bringing together leaders from the public, private and non-profit sectors.

“As an immigrant from Ethiopia, I have chosen to act, improve, and lead an educational institution. In doing so, I had the opportunity to promote new concepts, new methodologies and introduce a new narrative for citizens, organizations and agencies. The road is still long and I have both the motivation and curiosity to use my personal toolset for addressing systematic challenges and solving social problems.”

We look forward to learning more from Michal’s vast experience!

This program is free-of-charge to participants.