Power Up with LinkedIn

The Power Up with LinkedIn workshop, presented by Jeff Young, The LinkedIn Guru, is a hands-on training session that will help you maximize your LinkedIn profile and use the platform to connect and and power up your job search! During the workshop, you will learn to navigate LinkedIn, utilize every section, have your profile reviewed and receive expert insight on this tool which is the perfect partner to your resume.

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll gain invaluable skills as you learn how to create a captivating and professional LinkedIn profile that truly showcases your talents. But that’s not all –  Jeff will reveal the secrets to building a robust network that opens doors to exciting opportunities.

Ready to make your work shine? Discover insider strategies to effectively promote your accomplishments and projects on LinkedIn, attracting the attention of the right connections.

Note: If you are receiving unemployment benefits in the State of Ohio, participation in this workshops counts as job search activity.