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Connecting refugees and New Americans to opportunities

Services for Refugees and New Americans

At Jewish Family Services we help refugees and New Americans secure good paying jobs and find stability.

If you are new to the United States, our knowledgeable staff can work with you to better understand local culture and get the language skills to get into a job that provides for your family.

If you have been in the United States for some time and are looking for support working toward your American dream, we can help you create a plan and connect you to resources and training to achieve your goals.

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Job Search

Our multilingual staff reflects the diversity of the clients we serve and focuses on building relationships that empower them in the job market. Staff meets with clients to assess English competency, work experience and education level in order to provide individualized services. These include resume preparation, interview and job-readiness training, job application and job placement assistance, transportation troubleshooting and community-based referrals.


Jewish Family Services is unique in its emphasis on building relationships with the employers interested in hiring refugees and New Americans. We work to ensure our clients are ready for the job and provide employers with preparation support to anticipate or troubleshoot any issues that may occur. Our support includes resources like diversity training, translation assistance and transportation coordination services. This kind of partnership with local employers creates economic opportunity and enriches the workforce of Central Ohio.

Family Supports

Jewish Family Services provides a variety of supports to help refugee and New American families stabilize. We help them maintain safe housing, access healthy food and connect them with donated items to furnish their homes. 


At Jewish Family Services, our history is directly tied to generations of refugees and New Americans from across the world coming to the United States seeking safety, security, and a chance at the American Dream.

From Russian Jews in the 1980s and 1990s to Somali and Bhutanese-Nepali refugees in more recent years, Jewish Family Services has worked tirelessly to envelop refugees and other New Americans into the Central Ohio community and provide them a foothold from which to grow. We aim to assist both with the initial transition to American life – through job search and family supports – and then access to career pathways offering opportunities for higher wages, advancement and increased stability.

2021 Impact

358 Refugees And Other New Americans Secured Employment

$16.89/Hour Average Wage Earned

80% Placement Rate

Bridging the Digital Divide

featuring Tariq Mohamed

The pandemic shined a light on something Jewish Family Services has been aware of for some time: the digital divide. In the U.S., the job search and application, and often even the interview is conducted online. Assisting people new to America in their efforts to gain employment includes helping them access hardware, navigate a wide variety of unique employer systems, and participate in opportunities to meet with employers.

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