May 6, 2022

Many of the challenges people face are the same now as they were when Jewish Family Services was founded in 1908. What has changed are the skills and tools used to face those challenges. Access to technology and the digital world is critical to participating in society and the workforce today. Our staff has rapidly expanded their ability to help clients secure the tools needed for success.  

Danielle*, a 26-year-old single mother of three, worked in a series of low-wage jobs that prevented her from building a career and earning enough to support her family. She came to Jewish Family Services after several discouraging interviews left her feeling as though “everything was closing in.” 

Our staff helped Danielle address her family’s most urgent needs. By accessing our emergency financial assistance, Danielle stabilized her food and housing. Then we helped her connect with affordable broadband, secure a laptop and build digital skills to qualify for higher-paying jobs. Danielle leveraged these resources to land a job as patient registry manager for UnitedHealth. This work-from-home position provided the flexibility she needed as a single mom. After just six months, Danielle was promoted to Lead Patient Registration Manager. 

Our career consultants look at the whole person, to help clients resolve barriers to continued employment. When Danielle mentioned her daughter was having trouble in school, we contacted the school to advocate for Danielle and helped her connect with tutors for her children. The school administration was so impressed with our support they began referring other parents to us.  

When Danielle first contacted us, she was just surviving day to day. Now she feels secure in her work and her ability to help her family thrive. She envisions a future that includes buying a home. Our staff connected her to credit counseling to help her achieve this dream. 

*Name changed and stock image used to protect client privacy.