Let’s Talk Respect Program

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Let's Talk Respect


The Let’s Talk Respect Program is about ending teen dating violence by creating a community that empowers teens to be confident and build strong healthy relationships, fostering a culture of respect at home, in school, and online.

Jewish Family Services is committed to empowering young women and promoting healthy relationships. Through the Let’s Talk Respect program, we build self-esteem, educate, and create girl leaders who are committed to influencing their peers. Let’s Talk Respect will be marketed to all high school girls in Franklin County through online marketing and strong community partnerships

The approach is a community based, collaborative approach to engage and educate teen girls on the topics of violence prevention, bullying, cyber abuse, self-esteem, empowerment and leadership, providing them with the skills and tools they need to identify unhealthy relationships and educate and support their peers. Be a part of this initiative where awareness, leadership and skill building are the center points.

The goals of the Let’s Talk Respect program:

  • Raise students’ awareness of what constitutes healthy and unhealthy dating relationships.
  • Raise students’ awareness of dating abuse, its causes, and its consequences.
  • Equip students with the skills and resources to help themselves or friends if they are in an unhealthy dating relationship.
  • Equip students with the skills to develop healthy dating relationships, including positive communication, anger management, conflict resolution, and appropriate use of social media.

Six key pillars of the Let’s Talk Respect Program

Pillar 1 - Community Safe Dates Trainings

Pillar 2 - Selfie Respect Project

Pillar 3 - Purple Teen Party

Pillar 4 - Enhanced programming targeting teen boys

Pillar 5 - Educational Community Workshops

Pillar 6 - Media Outreach

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